Reasons Behind The Use Of Hofmann Test Kit!

It is possible to test the DMT along with the use of the hofmann test kit and it also follow-up kit for LSD. Every spot test comes along with 10ml of USA factory sealed ISO 9001 Quality Lab Material certified dropper bottle. It also includes more than 200 individual tests that are used for testing the substances.

It is totally safe to use these kinds of test kits and you can store it perfectly into the freezer for use it anytime when you want. Here you can read the facts about the substances that are possible to check with this specific test kit automatically and some precautions tips for using the kit anywhere.

Indentify the presence of LSD and other substance!

Apparently, the use of the hofmann test kit is easy to understand along with testing instruction that is an alkaloid reagent test that will automatically help to indentify the presence of LSD, Lysergic Acid, DMT, DET, Bufotenine, Ibogaine, Psilocybin and many other substances. In addition to this, the secondary test is really valuable to rule out the 5-MeO-DMT, AL-LAD and different, less expected. There are some highly toxic dangerous drugs that are possible to test along with the test kit.

Understand the precautions!

The test kit that you are going to use is an alkaloid and it is really strong and it is possible that it can burn the skin and clothes as well. Therefore, this is really important for the people to not to get it on the skin or even the mouth. If you get any on yourself then simply watch it with the common soap and water. Try to do your best to keep all contaminants far away from the whole hofmann test kit in order to kee everything safe.